Story: The Gallo brothers could also be called the "Petito's brothers", given their experience in reciting the lyrics of the famous "Totonno 'or Crazy" totally revised from the original rewrite of Gianfranco that succeeds in creating a theatrical whole new style and detail.

In line with this choice, which for years now determine the success of their shows, the new commissioning scene entitled "E 'a farce" or Petito's play, in which the two brothers playing with all the humor of our tradition ranging from Commedia dell'Arte, the farce in fact, until modern phenomena that they contaminated. The Gallo, beyond the Cinema and TV, attend the theater with love, mother's house from which they left and never forget. The play is inspired by various works of Antonio Petito for a timeless fun. With the two brothers, their grandson Gianluca Di Gennaro, familiar face of TV and Gianfranco's daughter, Bianca. To Cilea, the last of the Neapolitan art scene in the family.

Written and directed by Gianfranco Gallo, with Gianluca Di Gennaro.

Original Musics: Paco Ruggiero and Pino Caputo.

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