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On the occasion of the birthday of His Holiness Pope Francis, December 17, 2014, it will premiere the new song by Paco Ruggiero and Sylvia Pagni entitled "Francis" dedicated to the Pope.

In the morning, in Via della Conciliazione, there will be a show with 500 pairs of Argentine tango dancers from various continents at the end of what will be proposed "Francesco", sung by Paco Ruggiero and Elisa Riccitelli. The simplicity that characterizes the man, the spirituality that is the religious and universality that allows every man to identify himself in the figure of Pope Francis are present in this song. Sylvia Pagni - familiar face to television audiences RAI, having been Director of the Orchestra "bet you" (with Fabrizio Frizzi and Valeria Mazza) and pianist of "Flying Carpet" (with Luciano Rispoli) - as well as refined pianist is the most famous female accordion player of all time (a student of G. Kramer). He has recently announced with the extraordinary singer and showgirl Elisa Riccitelli the presentation of his new show "Italian adventure" that will be presented next to the Christmas holidays and will be taken up in RAI and Mediaset news. Sylvia Pagni offers in squares and theaters all over the world the great tradition of Italian song, enhanced by a refined taste Swing in a lovely sound mix that enhances the Sylvia and Elisa talent.

Paco Ruggiero (songwriter and vocal soloist in the film "Totò Sapore" and "The History of Pizza" produced by Medusa Film) boasts numerous collaborations with Eugene Jackson, Roberto Murolo, Dario Fo, Enzo Gragnaniello, Edward Jackson, Pietra Montecorvino, Claudio Baglioni Franco Fasano, Gianfranco Gallo. E 'was also Winner of Mia Martini as an author in 2005 and 2007 and reached the second place in the Festival of Naples with a new Neapolitan song entitled "Spanish Quarter".


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