SoundtracksPRO, this year was the music consultant of the famous Miss Italia program, aired on La7 from Jesolo.

di martedì la7

Since 2016 SoundtracksPRO provides the background music used in the RVM for transmission DiMartedì on La7. Every Tuesday in prime time political talk program and beyond, led by Giovanni Floris.


From cooking show chaired by famous chefs, the performances of the artists. Space to writers, DJs and the hair-stylist. In the microcosm of Palafiori, parallel world to the Festival of Sanremo, there is genius and notes of Cilento.


Story: The Gallo brothers could also be called the "Petito's brothers", given their experience in reciting the lyrics of the famous "Totonno 'or Crazy" totally revised from the original rewrite of Gianfranco that succeeds in creating a theatrical whole new style and detail.

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On the occasion of the birthday of His Holiness Pope Francis, December 17, 2014, it will premiere the new song by Paco Ruggiero and Sylvia Pagni entitled "Francis" dedicated to the Pope.

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